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In this powerful fourth installment of  The Catch Series,  Dr. Velma's teaching-approach to storytelling shines a light on disastrous relationship patterns. Drawing inspiration from 80 eye-opening scriptures, she exposes the "foolishness" — the sinful characteristics God warns against. Dr. Velma doesn't hold back as she flips the narrative style of previous books in the series to uncover the toxic behaviors, unwise choices, and deal-breaking flaws to avoid in romantic partnership. With these scriptures at the forefront, you’ll discover: How to make wise decisions in dating and relationships. Avoid the pain and harm that comes from dating a fool. ·  Understand God's description of a fool and their behavior           to protect yourself from toxic relationships. · The importance of using wisdom in our decisions and actions. · How God's word judges a foolish heart. · The significance of the fool scriptures · Jesus' warning about what truly brings harm. · The powerful impact of avoiding fools in dating and relationships. Whether single or dating, this book unapologetically arms you with profound discernment to recognize truly godly relationships and avoid unhealthy ones. Let Dr. Velma's biblically-grounded insight about real love's consequences guide you —a compass directing your path toward the sacred, flourishing union you deserve!


“We all have a choice to be wise women of God as instructed in Scripture or live a life of destruction by being or living with a Nabal, a fool. Dr. Velma has diligently given us 80 examples of a fool or foolish behavior. Let’s choose wisely and be all that Christ intended us to be.” —Cindy Saab, Speaker, Teacher,Speech Coach & Author BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope through Unexpected Storms

The CATCH Series Book Four: Book of Fools!—Autographed Copy

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