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Guiding You to Godly Love

The Wrong Catch

Meet Dr. Velma 

Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, Podcaster,

Minister & Entreprenuer

As Christian women, God calls us to approach relationships with intention and wisdom. Dr. Velma, a happily married woman of over 49 years, understands what it takes to build a godly marriage.

Through her books, coaching, and speaking, Dr. Velma shares practical wisdom to help you:

  • Set Biblical standards for the love you deserve

  • Grow in self-awareness and Christ-like character

  • Develop relationship skills rooted in mutual love and respect

  • Embody the qualities of a grace-filled Titus 2 woman


Dr. Velma walks alongside single women with compassion, equipping them to find the lasting love God intends. She imparts timeless insights to create a fulfilling relationship centered on faith, trust, and spiritual growth.



Dr. Velma's award-winning books are perfect for anyone looking to add more depth to their understanding of relationships and how to apply God's love principles in their lives. 


Dr. Velma is available to speak at conferences, seminars, and more. If you are looking for a unique speaker to bring some insight and motivation to your event.


 Dr. Velma has been a relationship coach for over 10 years, and her expertise has helped countless single women find love and happiness through establishing God-focused relationship principles.

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