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We can come to believe that our walk with God will only be filled with mountaintop experiences, it is not always the workings of evil, but Dr. Velma Bagby reminds us that in fact, God can also order for us A Place Called Down. If you enjoy books written by one of her favorite writers in this genre Max Lucado - You'll Get Through This, then you will enjoy A Place Called Down.


In her new book, Dr. Velma deviates from relationship-focused topics to bring us into her own testimony of tests, trials, and tribulations, to offer insight into the low place. She describes a place that is not fun or easy, but by its very nature can be likened to a refiner’s fire. A fire so hot that it burns away all impurity and that which is not useful to God. This is how the place called down can feel. Isolating. Difficult. Unyielding. Helpless. It is a place of suffering - tragedy, illness, job loss, financial woes, death, divorce/separation, relationship issues, pandemics & more.


Yet, even in the place called down, there are what Dr. Velma calls rainbow moments where God uses the kindness of others to inspire, encourage, and uplift you during those down places – simply to remind you of what you already know – He is with you and He has not forgotten you.A place called down is common for us all – the question becomes, how will you handle it and how will you come out of it? Commit as Dr. Velma did, to come out of the place called down with something: maturity, faith, strength, and joy. Decide now that you will yield to God’s plan and leave with gifts that only this place can produce. Get excited because something is going to change in you through a down place: your faith level, your perspective, your preaching, your understanding, your gift, your relationship with God. God will change you in the down place and you will come out better


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A Place Called Down - Why Christians Suffer—Autographed Copy

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