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The “CATCH” No One Wants—is the story of Veronica Dawson a PK (pastor’s kid), who frantically searches for potential husbands in all the wrong places—a 32-year-old successful millennial, who is obsessed with getting married because she has already missed her original goal… to be a wife by thirty. Her father Greyson watches her wrong choices and sees the men mistreat his daughter; frustrated, he seeks God’s direction. Greyson’s answered prayers prompt him to use what he knows as an expert fisher.

He invites Veronica on a two-day fishing trip for a one-on-one intervention. She does not know that her dad is on a mission to rescue her through their Christian faith teaching about dating with an intent to marry.

As a seasoned fisher, Greyson sees the behavioral similarities between men and fish. For the intervention, he creates five metaphorical stories he shares with his daughter on their trip. Four stories represent the men she has dated: the Catfish, who loves garbage, the Salmon who avoids getting caught, the Sturgeon who likes to nibble, & the Pufferfish who is beautiful until agitated—all highlighting the dating mistakes Veronica continues making even now. The fifth story—the Goldfish—represents the man God has chosen just for her. He is the CATCH No One Wants, and the husband she deserves was standing right in front of her the entire time.


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The CATCH No One Wants (The CATCH Series Book 1) —Autographed Copy

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