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Put down your fishing pole and join Greyson for a wild ride as he takes an edgy approach to warn men about the potential danger involved in choosing the wrong mate. In this third installment of the CATCH Series, Greyson hosts his first conference for men, introducing analogies that describe the female characters as insects, animals, and even a toy.

Through these captivating stories, Greyson presents women who fake the qualities of a good wife while dating, only to reveal the true essence of their hearts after the men marry them. He replaces the male fish characters from books 1 & 2 with female characters, such as the Black Widow, a spiderwho kills her husband after getting what she wants, and the Queen Bee, who births many children, but expects helpers to care for them and the household. Then, meet the “Narc” Women: the Firefly ‘Femme Fatale,’ the Vampire Bat, the People Pleaser, and the Mother. The final three arethe Antelope, who is promiscuous and mates several times a day with several males; the Hyena, who isn’t laughing; she is a loud, complaining leader of the clan who barks orders; and the Church Doll, once a church toy for kids, now a woman groomed to be used in her service to the church leader.

In these stories, Greyson warns the men of the same four-letter word described in over 50 scriptures: F-O-O-L! He provides the men with in-depth details of foolish women who are: ill-prepared, immoral, selfish, reckless, idle, hate wisdom, negligent, bad managers, a waste, does evil, does not love God, and bring ruin to the household.

With strategies to help the men find the right wife, The WRONG CATCH - She’ll Tear Down the House will have readers on the edge of their seats. If you enjoyed other books in The CATCH Series, such as the first and third installments, you’ll be sure to love this one. Buy it now!


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