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In the captivating pages of "Women of the Waiting Room: Surgery For Your Soul," author Jacquiline Cox, known as Listen Linda, takes readers on an extraordinary journey of faith, resilience, and divine inspiration. This anthology and devotional, set to release in June 2024, beautifully weaves together the stories of seven remarkable women, led by the visionary Vessel herself.

Within these empowering pages, you will meet LaQuita Parks, a co-author and the publisher behind PaProVi Publishing, alongside Dr. Velma Bagby, Carolyn Gentry Coleman, Dr. AudreyAnn Moses, Melanie "The Voice" Johnson, and Theresa Dorsey. Together, they form the Fab 7, a team destined to uplift and inspire.

Listen Linda's devotional component is a pathway to testimony, offering readers a chance to share their own experiences of God's presence in their waiting rooms. Through dissertations, poetry, positive affirmations, and more, these 33 women dedicate their pages to uplift and inspire readers, bridging the gap between women from all walks of life and the divine.

This project, born out of a divine vision, seeks to create an impact that transcends borders. Listen Linda's anthology and devotional provide solace, strength, and guidance to those who may not have had the opportunity to access the anthology. Together, they create a powerful collection that brings women together, closer to God, and closer to each other.

Women of the Waiting Room: Surgery For Your Soul—Autographed Copy

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