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Spring...Our Reminder of Love

In my email, I received an invitation from one of my hubby’s and my favorite places to stay, inviting us to visit. We go to this place because we can expect to enjoy a remarkable couple’s massage in a tranquil atmosphere at a spa located inside a cave, which is carved out of the hill next to the hotel. The venue’s captivating scenery is calming and provides the ambiance we enjoy. In the spring and summer, the landscape is full of breathtaking hillsides, an exquisite array of flowers, and lavish greenery for miles. This level of elegance presents a glimpse of God’s love through the beauty of his creation given us to enjoy.

The company’s words, boasting about this venue, got my attention. Their details provided a beautiful visual of spring when it arrives, but after making the point that California is no longer dealing with one of the worst rainy seasons in its history. These details propose that spring arrives after the rains, because in the months before receipt of this invite, the beauty they depicted did not exist. We recognize the journey of plant life starts as a seed and remains out of sight until it is time to show itself, which tells us none of the beautiful images about spring could happen without those torrential rains.

The company announced that spring is here. This is when the sun’s rays send an alarm to every living plant to emerge and reveal itself. It is a picture of the sun indicating to all plant life it is time to reveal your beauty. Earlier thought to be unfruitful or void of life, those seeds give in to the sun’s rays and I’m sure every plant replies with gratitude.

In love and life, we have seasons as well. We are taught they will come and go, and like plants, we wait for the sun to appear. In our spring, the sun returns and declares that our seasons of difficulties and challenges are over. This is a visual of how love can live anew, even when earlier it appeared as if it wouldn’t. Similarly, love blossoms when we plant, nurture, and believe a harvest will come.

Our faith says the seed will multiply. Whether it is our love in service to God, the love of a spouse, a future spouse, family member, friend, or the less fortunate we’ve helped, all required cultivation to get through the storms. What a beautiful picture of God’s love for us too—his grace and forgiveness will never fail those who love him.

When you pray for the husband God has for you, even when you have not met—cover his life, faith, health, and safety. This shows you believe he exists and you’re planting seeds to grow. Pray that God continues to cover and strengthen the love in your marriage. This shows you believe it will happen and you’re planting seeds to grow. Our prayers plant seeds, and our faith gives God permission to bring our spring at the right time.

May you know with surety, spring will come, love will grow, seasons of waiting for a mate will birth a new love and God will answer the prayers of the righteous. When what we believe gets revealed, it is because God, the giver of all love, shines on what he approves. His light radiates and announces that what was hidden (spiritual), he now commands to live (natural). As we feel the rays of his light, let us also respond with gratitude.

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